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These 4 items are must have resources:

http://coatesmeister.org/MATHCOUNTBiblefull.pdf - lots of facts, which is great, as long as you understand what everything is and what it means.  If you don’t understand what it means, memorizing these facts won’t help.  Once you understand what it means, memorize, memorize, memorize.

http://coatesmeister.org/coachkit-toolbox.pdf - Called the MathCounts Coach Kit this is a great resource that has been around for quite some time.  It is a great resource for students participating in math competitions.

Coach Monk’s MathCounts Playbook – all students should have this (yes, even the youngers) printed and use it regularly.  http://mathweb.scranton.edu/monks/courses/ProblemSolving/MathCountsPlaybookBW.pdf

Coach Monk’s High School Playbook – all students in grades 9 and above (plus those younger who are comfortable with Coach Monk’s MathCounts Playbook) should have this resource printed out and refer to it regularly, http://mathweb.scranton.edu/monks/courses/ProblemSolving/HighSchoolPlaybook

Free General Resources for Students & Teachers:

www.artofproblemsolving.com/ALCUMUS - This is a great resource for students & teachers.  Teachers – you can sign up for a teacher’s account and track your students’ participation.  Includes pre-algebra, number theory, counting, etc.  Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) is the gold standard for training mathletes.

https://expii.com – created by Po-Shen Loh, a Carnegie Melon professor who is widely known in math competition circles, Expii is designed to be a crowd-sharing platform to teach math and science.  The math end starts at pre-algebra and pushes students to think.  This is a newer site but already engaging.  Teachers, go to the bottom of the home page and click on FAQ to see how you can use expii in your classroom.

http://www.jamestanton.com/ - James Stanton is a math teacher who believes in student ability to think.  He has a monthly newsletter with a different concept each month.  All of his back issues are online.  His website includes online courses and curriculum videos.  He also has books for purchase

yaymath – YouTube videos by an enthusiastic teacher covering algebra, geometry, stats, & trig, https://www.youtube.com/user/yaymath

www.MrMathBlog.com  – a free blog site that lists YouTube links for pretty much every topic covered in math class, starting at 3rd grade and going through AP Calc & AP Stats.

Professor Leonard – YouTube videos of full length courses starting at Pre-Algebra and going through Calc 3, https://www.youtube.com/user/professorleonard57

www.Mathispower4u.com – Tutorials by James Sousa for grades 3 and up through Calc 3.  Full video catalogs that cover pretty much everything. 

KhanaAcademy.com – Khan Academy has a plethora of resources available for all grade levels.  If you go under Math for Fun & Glory, you’ll find videos that go outside of the classroom. 

Free Topic based resources

Math Floor & Ceilings:

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School based math competitions: