Saturday, January 19 at 10:45 AM

Event Description

In January, we will be running the following contests:

• AlphaStar is replacing the PiMC with the Euler Level. It is a single round with 25 problems to be completed in 40 minutes (Grades 5 & below - we are evaluating the Euler level to determine if it is appropriate for grades 1-2. If not, they will participate in a similar round written by NNVMath.
• Alpha Star Fermat Level for grades 6-8 is NEW this year! It is a single round with 25 problems to be completed in 40 minutes.
• Credentials for AlphaStar writers include the lead writer who is a former US Math Olympiads Summer Program (MOPS) instructor, former advisory board member of the American Math Competitions (AMCs 8/10/12) and Caltech grad; among other writers are graduates from Harvard, MIT, and Harvey Mudd.
• Top AlphaStar performers will be invited to participate in a 2nd round in the Spring (date and location not set but typically in the Bay area)
• IMLEM is a multi-round contest series out of Massachusetts designed to develop the competition math skills of students in grades 6-8 to prepare them for high school level math competitions. This contest is over 20 years old.
• Grades 1-5 will also participate in Speed and Team rounds and Mini-Math Events
• Mini-Math events are non-competitive activities selected for their depth of math skill development – participants are STRONGLY encouraged to participate in these activities.
• The Math League contest is 10+ years old with > 15,000 participants in US and Canada. It is an individual round of 6 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. This contest is for grades 9-12.
• A Math Wrangle is math meets debate. Teams of 3 students will be given problem to work through together and will then alternate presenting their solution and challenging the other team's solution.
• Dr. Keppelmann, UNR Department of Mathematics and Statistics, has been working with the Mathematics Association of America to promote Math Wrangles throughout the country and we are excited to work with him to bring these contests to Reno!
• Since this is our first time running the Math Wrangle and it is very different from other math contests, we will train students in the rules and answer their questions throughout the contest.

Students should bring pencils, a calculator, a bottle of water, & their lunch or snacks. Snacks and water will be available for purchase (everything is $1).

Dates & Location

Jan 19, 2019

Lemelson STEM Academy, 2001 Soaring Eagle Drive, Reno, NV




Registration Fee is $20 - Discounted until 1/16 MUST choose specific contest from Add-Ons $15: $0.00 per person

Grade 9: ASMA (Jr. Level) & Math Wrangle : $15.00

Grades 10 - 12: ASMA (Sr. Level) & Math Wrangle: $15.00

Grades 5 & below: PiMC & Mini-events: $15.00

Grades 6 - 8: ASMA (Jr. Level) & IMLEM: $15.00

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Sherry Griffin