Saturday, January 19 at 10:45 AM

Event Description

In January, we will be running the following contests:

Grades 5 & below: This is the qualifying round of the PiMC; it is a 25-question, 40-minute individual test with single digit answers (from 0 to 9). Contestants will receive 5 points for each correct answer, 1 point for each problem left unanswered, and 0 points for each incorrect answer. High-performing students will be invited to the Final Round (date of Final Round is not yet known and typically takes place in the Bay Area).
Grades 5 & below: Mini events are fun activities designed to challenge participants in thinking. These will be more logic and puzzle focused.
Grades 6 - 9 (Junior Level): The ASMA is a 35 minute individual contest.
Grades 6 - 8: The IMLEM is a five 10-minute individual rounds followed by a 15-minute team round. IMLEM individual round topics are as follows: Mystery, Geometry, Number Theory, Arithmetic, and Algebra.
Grades 10- 12 (Senior Level): The ASMA is a 35 minute contest individual contest.
Grades 9 - 12: MathWrangle can be described as a combination of math and debate. Students work in teams to solve problems and then teams take turns challenging each other to explain their solutions. More details will be provided to participants and they will be guided through this event.

Students should bring pencils, a calculator, a bottle of water, & their lunch or snacks. Snacks and water will be available for purchase (everything is $1).

Schedule is posted under Documents.

Dates & Location

Jan 19, 2019

Lemelson STEM Academy, 2001 Soaring Eagle Drive, Reno, NV




Registration Fee is $20 - Discounted until 1/16 MUST choose specific contest from Add-Ons $15: $0.00 per person

Grade 9: ASMA (Jr. Level) & Math Wrangle : $15.00

Grades 10 - 12: ASMA (Sr. Level) & Math Wrangle: $15.00

Grades 5 & below: PiMC & Mini-events: $15.00

Grades 6 - 8: ASMA (Jr. Level) & IMLEM: $15.00

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