Wednesday, January 01 at 11:00 AM

Event Description

This is our 5th year running monthly contests throughout the school year for grades 12 & below. We are very happy to offer contests specifically designed for grades 1-12. We are also pleased to offer a variety of contests as this gives participants exposure to different contest writers, problem wording, and topics. Some are more challenging than others and that is good as well. The more challenging contests remind them they have much to learn; the less challenging contests reminds them how much they have already learned.

The full listing of contests being offered as part of the MathRocks! Saturday series, along with descriptions for each round, is in the documents section of this event.

October 19 Coral Academy of Science - Elementary Campus, Reno
November 23 Lemelson STEM Academy, Reno
December 7 Swope Middle School, Reno
January 25 Greenbrae Elementary, Sparks
February 29 (location being finalized)
April 4 (location being finalized)
May 2 State of Nevada Elementary Math Championship for grades 1-6*

PLUS April 18 BONUS Math League annual contest for grades 4&5
AND April 18 BONUS Noetic Learning for grades 1-8 FREE for series registrants!

PLUS ALL SERIES REGISTRANTS WILL RECEIVE NNVMATH SWAG! (Does not include a t-shirt this year. T-shirt may be purchased by Series registrants at a discount.

*Grades 7 and 12 will be invited to participate in ARML Local as part of the series for no additional charge once we have clarity on the status of this year's ARML Local.

Cost to register for the full series of MathRocks! Saturday contests is only $75!

Dates & Location

Jan 01, 2020 to May 03, 2020

January location is Greenbrae Elementary - 1840 Fourth St., Sparks




Registration Fee: $75.00 per person

T-shirt: $10.00

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