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Competition Team Development Team

This is the 8th year of the Competition Team and we will be doing things a bit different this year.


* Due Sept. 15 for returning members
* Due by their 3rd practice for new members
* We are also moving to a more instructed model with 2 levels. All students will start at the Base level, meets from 1-3 pm.
* Students who are ready for the next level of instruction will be invited to the Advanced level which will meet from 3-5pm.
* Both levels will meet on designated Sundays. Coaches will decide who moves up - parents are welcome to ask questions but coaches will make these decisions and these decisions will stand. Students will be moved up when coaches feel they are ready.

The 2020 ARML Team will be selected from the Development Program members in January with our primary focus being a team that treats each other with respect and work well together. Those invited to join the 2020 ARML Team will have 3 weeks to determine their schedule and commitment. Students who accept a spot on the team will be expected to fulfill their commitment.

Q & A:
Who can join NNVMath’s Development Program?
o Any student in grades 7-12 who lives in Northern Nevada is welcome to apply to join the competition team.
o You must be a good teammate.
o You must be willing to learn from your teammates and share your knowledge.
o You must also be able to listen to your teammates and problem solve with them.
o You must want to learn more math concepts, ideas, approaches, etc.
o You need to be a part of fixing the local math culture (don’t worry, we’ll help you with this piece).
o You should be on track to take Calculus in 12th grade. This isn’t a hard line but it is a good guideline.
o You must be able to be okay with being wrong – it’s going to happen and melting down, isn’t going to change it.
o You need to be enjoyable for the rest of us to be around.

Will being a part of the CTDP mean I get to go to the ARML competition in Las Vegas on May 29 & 30th?
o No. You must be a member of the CTDP to be considered but selection will be made by coaches in January.
o You must participate in NNVMath contests to be considered for the ARML team(s).
o We plan to take between 15 and 40 students to ARML this year.
o Emphasis will be on forming teams that are respectful and work cooperatively with their fellow CTDP members while making an effort to improve their math skills should expect to receive an invitation.

How much is it to be in the Development Program?
o The full fee is $300. $50 needs to be submitted when registering.
o All students are required to contribute 5 hours of service to approved math related activities.
o Students who wish to pay less than the $300 team fee, need to serve more hours.

Are there other costs?
o Members of the Development Program wanting to be considered for the ARML team are expected to attend our monthly math contests as their schedule allows. Individual contests cost $15 each but there is a discounted option for those registering for the full season.

How much are the contests showing on the practice schedule?
o These contests are being included as part of our CTDP. Sixth graders are welcome to participate in the ASMA for $10 per contest or $45 for the series of 6.

Our family is undergoing serious financial hardships and even these minimal fees are more than we can afford. Are there any options?
o We work with the belief that math opportunities should not be withheld from a student whose family is truly unable to afford them. If this is your situation, please contact our Executive Director, Sherry, at Sherry@NNVMath.org and explain your situation. Understand that we don’t give handouts, we give opportunities. That means you will be expected to provide additional help, write a thank you note, or something else similar in exchange for someone else paying your expenses.

What if I can’t make all practices?
o It is okay if students can't make every practice. Students are expected to communicate with us when they will not be at practices. Based on past ARML contests, students who prioritize practices perform better and we will take practice attendance into consideration when selecting which ARML team to place individual students.

Have other questions? Please contact Sherry@NNVMath.org or at 773-505-0994.

Dates & Location

Sep 08, 2019 to Jun 01, 2020

NNVMath Clubhouse

1472 Linda Way
Sparks, NV 89431



Registration Fee - Account balance is $250 but hours may be volunteered to reduce.: $50.00 per person

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