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Competition Team
The Northern Nevada Math Club’s Competition Team is in its 7th year (yes, this program is older than our organization). Our Competition Team (CT) is composed of area northern Nevada students who want to learn more math and work as part of a team.
Our CT is typically over 40% female. Our 2018 CT was over 50% female.
Our CT participates in the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) contest in Las Vegas the Friday and Saturday immediately following Memorial Weekend each year.
Q & A:
Who can join NNVMath’s Competition Team?
o Any student in grades 7-12 who lives in Northern Nevada is welcome to apply to join the competition team. If you live in California or Southern Nevada, please contact Tim Sanders at tim@mathleague.org If you live elsewhere, contact us and we will find out who you need to contact.
o You must be a good teammate. That includes being willing to learn from your teammates and share your knowledge. You must also be able to listen to your teammates and problem solve with them. A lot of emphasis is placed on being a good teammate because a bad teammate can throw the entire team under the bus.
o You must want to learn more math concepts, ideas, approaches, etc. If you’re done learning math, this is not the place for you.
o You must participate in NNVMath contests (you are not required to participate in all of them).
o You need to be a part of fixing the local math culture (don’t worry, we’ll help you with this piece).
o You should be on track to take Calculus in 12th grade. This isn’t a hard line but it is a good guideline.
o You must be able to be okay with being wrong – it’s going to happen and melting down, isn’t going to change it.
o You need to be enjoyable for the rest of us to be around.
o We need to know we can trust you to use good judgement and follow our rules and instructions. CT is not a babysitting service.
What is ARML?
ARML stands for the American Regions Mathematics League. It is a team based competition that started in New York over 40 years ago and is now a national contest with an international division. It takes place in 4 locations around the US at the same time, always the weekend after Memorial Weekend. Our test location is the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Here is their website for more information, http://arml2.com/arml_2016/page/index.php?page_type=public&page=home
How many students are on the Competition Team?
o A team for ARML purposes is 15 students. It is our goal to eventually take 3 teams.
How much is it to be on the Competition Team?
o To participate in practices, the fee is $50. There is no charge for coming to 2 practices to see what it is.
o For those applying and accepted onto the CT, their $50 practice fee will be applied to their minimum yearly CT fee; the maximum CT fee is $300. All students are required to contribute 5 hours of service to approved math related activities. Students who wish to pay less than the $300 team fee, need to contribute more hours.
o Students are also expected to participate in our math contests. Contests range from $10-20 depending on the contest and when registration takes place. The main contest series fee is $100 which includes 8 contests, and a t-shirt. CT members are expected to participate in ARML Local, however, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.
Our family is undergoing serious financial hardships and even these minimal fees are more than we can afford. Are there any options?
• We work with the belief that math opportunities should not be withheld from a student whose family is truly unable to afford them. If this is your situation, please contact our president, Sherry, at Sherry@NNVMath.org and explain your situation. Understand that we don’t give handouts, we give opportunities. That means you will be expected to provide additional help, write a thank you note, or something else similar in exchange for someone else paying your expenses.
Are there practices?
• Yes. We have 31 practices scheduled. Practices are scheduled for Sunday afternoons. The first takes place on October 7th and the last takes place on 19th. View the calendar at the top of our events page, www.NNVMath.org/events to see which Sundays we have practice. Practice time is currently scheduled from 1-3 but may we may break into several groups with 3-5 on Sunday being the second time slot. CT practices are help at the NNVMath Club Hub at 1472 Linda Way in Sparks.
What if I can’t make all practices or contest?
• That’s fine. We like kids being whole kids with other interests. Most of our kids are involved in other activities such as Cross Country, Swim Team, Dance, Tennis, DECA (a business related program), etc. What we ask is that team members be at practice when the can and plan their schedules early to make as many contests and practices as possible. Understand that if you are too busy to make more than a couple practices or to participate in at least seve

Dates & Location

Oct 07, 2018 to Jun 02, 2019

NNVMath Club Base

1472 Linda Way
Sparks, NV 89431



Practice Fee (Covers all practices. Student may attend 2 practices before owing fee.): $50.00 per person

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