The Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts (IMLEM) writes this developmental contest meet series for grades 6-8.  Each meet targets specific topics that develop as the season progresses.  Good for those students preparing for MathCounts and REQUIRED for our JV level Competition Team Development Program (CTDP) members in grades 7 & 8.  Recommend for grade 6 planning to joining CTDP next year.  JV CTDP members in grades 9 and above are welcome to participate in an exhibition capacity for the experience.
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  • In-person only.
  • No calculators allowed on meets 1-3; ARE allowed on meets 4 & 5.
  • 5 individual 10 minute rounds of 3 questions each.
  • 1 team round of 15 minutes and 6 questions.
  • Topics covered in each meet is in the table further down this page.
  • All problems are free response.

Grades 6-8. 

Check-in begins at 11:45; contests rounds start at noon on the following Sundays:

  • October 24
  • December 5
  • January 16
  • February 27
  • March 27

NNVMath Clubhouse located at 1480 Linda Way, Sparks, NV.

Individual Meet Awards: NNVMath will present ribbons to the top performers of each meet at the awards ceremony at the following MathRocks! contest.  This gap in time allows us to deal with any scoring issues and ensure results are correct without making participants and parents wait for an unknown amount of time on each contest day.
Accumulative Season Awards: NNVMath will recognize the top performers by grade at our annual Year End Awards Dinner scheduled for May 21st

Registration is for the series – $40

Registration for all contests are through  If your school is not listed in the school drop down, email with your school name and city/state where it is located.

Meet #1 — No Calculators
Round 1. Mystery
Round 2. Geometry — Angle measures in plane figures, including supplements and complements
Round 3. Number Theory — Divisibility rules; factors; primes and composites
Round 4. Arithmetic — Order of operations; mean, median, mode; rounding; statistics
Round 5. Algebra — Simplifying and evaluating expressions; solving equations with one unknown, including identitie
Meet #2 — No Calculators
Round 1. Mystery
Round 2. Geometry — Area and perimeter of polygons
Round 3. Number Theory — GCF, LCM; prime factorization
Round 4. Arithmetic — Fractions; terminating and repeating decimals; percents
Round 5. Algebra — Word problems with one unknown; working with formulas; reasoning in number sentences
Meet #3 — No Calculators
Round 1. Mystery
Round 2. Geometry — Properties of polygons; Pythagorean Theorem
Round 3. Number Theory — Bases; scientific notation
Round 4. Arithmetic — Integral powers (positive, negative, and zero); roots up to the sixth
Round 5. Algebra — Absolute value; inequalities in 1 variable, including interpreting line graphs
Meet #4 —  Calculator Meet
Round 1. Mystery
Round 2. Geometry — Properties of circles
Round 3. Number Theory — Modular arithmetics; series and sequences
Round 4. Arithmetic — Percent applications; percent change; compound interest
Round 5. Algebra — Word problems (linear, including direct proportions or systems)
Meet #5 — Calculator Meet
Round 1. Mystery
Round 2. Geometry — Solid geometry (volume and surface area)
Round 3. Number Theory — Set theory; Venn diagrams
Round 4. Arithmetic — Combinatorics and probability
Round 5. Algebra — Solving quadratics with rational solutions, including word problems