Welcome to the 7th annual State of Nevada Mathematics Championship!  It has grown since its first year to include ALL grades 1 through 12!  We are excited to have this year’s Championship hosted by UNR”s Engineering Department in Reno, Nevada.

We enjoy presenting this Nevada contest to our Nevada students. This is NOT an invitational.

The 2021-22 regular season is now over. Stay tuned for the 2022-23 season offerings!

Providing contest math opportunities to students in our area is one of our core functions.  A list of the contests we are offering this year, with links to information pages for each, is lower on this page
ALL contest registrations are through your MyNNVMath.org account.  You may create an account at that site if you don’t yet have one.

Quick answers to common questions:

  • There is NO “club” membership required to participate in the contests we offer.
  • All contest registrations take place through MyNNVMath.org OR through your school.
  • Many schools are not yet listed in the MyNNVMath.org school drop down list.  If your school isn’t showing, select “other,” and email Sherry@NNVMath.org requesting your school be added.  Include the city and state where it is located.
  • We provide a variety of contests for students in grades 1-12. 
  • Home school students are welcome.
  • ONLINE participation IS available for MathRocks! and the AMC exams.  See each contests details for specifics.
  • You may test up but you may not test down.  This means a kindergartner may take the 1st grade contest but a 3rd grader cannot. 
  • Some contests close registration quite early, so do NOT wait to register.
  • For team rounds, we organize students onto teams.  If your student would like to form a team, email Sherry@NNVMath.org at lease 2 weeks in advance for what you need to do.

Financial assistance is available for ALL of our programs.  If at any point you find yourself thinking “if only the cost were lower, we could afford it,” then please ask!  Let us know what you can afford for the program and we will work with you.  No student should miss a math opportunity because of finances, including short-term situations such as unexpected medical bills or the car breaking down.

Math contests provide students an opportunity to see new problems, ideas, and be challenged.  They are NOT expected to have perfect scores (and when they do, the test writers need to made the next contest more challenging).  Many students find it takes participating in several contests to get comfortable with them because it is quite different than classroom math where they know what will be on the “test.”  The older students are when they start competing in math, the more this is true.

Taking a variety of contests is very good for students.  It exposes them to more problems, writers, writing styles, concepts, etc.  Some students will find they do better on one series than on another. 

In-person math contests have a unique social environment that many area students have not experienced.  Sadly, the culture for most of our schools is one where enjoying math means being teased.  In-person math contests allows students who attend these schools to find a group of social peers who enjoy math in a safe environment.  It isn’t unusual for a student’s top reason for participating in math contests to be for the social environment. 

We open our contests to as many students as possible.  Participation restrictions apply to most contests in one form or another.  If you read the contest information and are unsure as to whether you can participate, please email Sherry@NNVMath.org.

This year we are offering the following contests (separate registration required for each):

  • MathRocks! – our signature contest series for grades 1-12, includes a team round. All rounds are being written in-house this year to allow us to provide an online option.
  • AMC 8 – The Mathematical Association of America offers this single event contest for grades 8 and below (recommended for grades 6-8).
  • AMC 10/12 – The Mathematical Association of America offers 2 dates for these rounds designed for grades 12 & below. We offer both the AMC 10/12A and the AMC 10/12B.
  • ASMA – American Scholastic Math Association contest series.  Junior division is for grades 7-10: Senior division is for grades 9-12. (6th graders are encouraged to participate in the junior division.)
  • CML (grades 2-8) Continental Mathematics League offers a series of contests for grades 2-8.
  • CML (grade 9)– Continental Mathematics League offers a series of contests for grade 9.
  • CML CALCULUS – Continental Mathematics League offers a series of contests for those studying Calculus.
  • IMLEM – Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts writes this developmental contest series for grades 6-8.  REQUIRED for our Base level Competition Team Development Program (CTDP) members in grades 7 & 8. 
  • Math Kanagaroo – We will host Math Kangaroo.  Registration is directly through Math Kangaroo.
  • MOEMS – Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School series for grades 4-8.
  • Nevada Girls Math Tournament – Dates and information are being determined.
  • The Mathematics League (High School) – The Mathematics League contest series for grades 9-12.
  • 2022 State of Nevada Mathematics Championship – Annual state championship for grades 1-12.