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Our mission is to build a community that develops a math, logic, and problem-solving foundation in children that inspires joy and confidence to discover their potential.



We offer monthly contests for grades 1 - 12.
Contests include:
State of Nevada Math Championship
and more!

Instructional Programs

Instructional Programs

These programs focus on competition math skills such as logic, problem-solving, thinking, and math. Our current offerings include:
Online Classes
Homework Help
Summer Math Camp

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Quick look at numbers:

2020 has been such a crazy year for all of us. In spite of the changes we've had to make, these were our numbers in the 2019-2020 program year:

Over 40%

Female Participation

Over 50%

Minority Participation

Over 1652

Hours Served by Volunteers in 2019-20

NNVMath Blog

Off to a Great Start

I’m amazed at how fast time is flies. Kids are back in school and settling into their routines, which means it’s time for NNVMath programs to get started.

If you didn’t receive our inaugural newsletter, you can access it here: 2022 September Newsletter ( – Huge THANK YOU to Evan for all his work on getting it done!

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Last week, we started our programs with 21st Century and the kids were great! It was fun to see how much they’ve grown over the summer. This upcoming week a number of program start:

  1. After School Math Club – This is revival of a pre-pandemic program we ran. Kids will do activities, games, crafts, etc. that develop their foundational math skills but don’t feel like “math” as many kids think of it. It starts Wednesday, Sept. 7.
  2. Competition Math Club – Think of this as a junior version of our Competition Team Development Program. It is for students in grades 1-6, divided between 2 sessions based on their ability to do double digit multiplication. Priority is given to those who are registered for the MathRocks! series. This program will review problems after each MathRocks! and include instruction. First session meets Saturday, Sept. 10. The first 2 sessions will cover the rules for the various round, do practice rounds, and discuss strategy. These first 2 are all about getting them ready for the Sept 24th MathRocks! contest.
  3. Competition Team Development Program (CTDP) – 13 seasons ago, I went to ARML as a parent and this is my 11th year holding practices and taking kids to Vegas (talk about time flying). The program has grown and changes have been made along the way, but it is essentially the same and it is what instigated the creation of NNVMath and every other program we run. You can find more information by clicking the CTDP tab in the top menu bar. First practice is on Sept 11 and is an info session and mixer for the kids. It will go from 2 until 4:30pm.

Registration for the above is still open. Just go to and create an account if you don’t already have one.

My hope for a number of years has been to post here regularly and, now that we have some amazing staff (see the newsletter mentioned above if you don’t know what I’m talking about), I think it may become a reality. Some of the posts will be functional but, hopefully, most will not as that can be really boring if it isn’t the information you are really wanting at the moment:) ~ Sherry

Amazing Northern Nevada Math Race

Our Amazing Northern Nevada Math Race is Saturday, September 18th.

Thank you to EDAWN for being our Main Event Sponsor!

Register your team for this fun event that combines mental and physical challenges.

This is an EXCELLENT team building event! Whether you are a work team or a family, the Amazing Northern Nevada Math Race will have you working together, having fun, and leaving with stories to tell.

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