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Our mission is to build a community that develops a math, logic, and problem-solving foundation in children that inspires joy and confidence to discover their potential.



We offer monthly contests for grades 1 - 12.
Contests include:
State of Nevada Math Championship
, AMC 8/10/12, and more!

Instructional Programs

Instructional Programs

These programs focus on competition math skills such as logic, problem-solving, thinking, and math. Registration for summer math camps will open soon.

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Congratulations to our October winners!

For Immediate Release November 19, 2022

Math Competition Winners Announced

10/22/22 MathRocks! and Meet 1 CML winners

Reno/Sparks – November 19, 2022 On October 22, 2022, over 135 students participated in the 1st MathRocks! contest of the season.  MathRocks is a contest series open to all students in grades 1-12.  Students who are in the Reno/Sparks area on the day of the contest participate in-person and those who live outside the Reno/Sparks area participate online. Area students who are sick or other qualifying situations may also participate online. Go to for more information.  Financial assistance is offered for students who need it.  Northern Nevada Math Club (NNVMath) is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization providing extracurricular math opportunities to Nevada students.  NNVMath is an official test provider for Continental Mathematics League (CML), Mathematics League, American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA), and Mathematics Association of America (MAA) to allow access to area students.  NNVMath licenses IMLEM to run as an independent contest site.


Grade 1
1st Place                           Arpan Dash, Hunsberger Elementary School

Grade 2
8th Place                          Seth Verma, Melton
7th Place                          Andreanna Roscom, Greenbrae Elementary School
6th Place                          Gavin Roscom, Maxwell
5th Place                          Emma Xu, Gomm Elementary School
4th Place                          Xinyin Zhang, Coral Elementary School
3rd Place                          Stephen Sandy, Coral Elementary School
2nd Place                         Ethan Rixom, Homeschool
1st Place                           Alice Guo, Brookfield School

Grade 3
8th Place                           Ian Kankanawadi, Hunsberger    
7th Place                           Jacob Munoz, Sage Ridge
6th Place                           Grace Adesina, Coral Elementary Reno
5th Place                           Elisia Heussen, Homeschool
4th Place                           Austin Harsh, Poulakidas Elementary School
3rd Place                           Penelope Fleming, Hunter Lake
2nd Place                          Evan Shen, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
1st Place                           Ian Francis, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School

Grade 4
7th Place                           Sriansh Kola, Doral Academy Reno
6th Place                           Astra Sparks, Melton
5th Place                           Adam Ogden, Josh Stevens Elementary
4th Place                           Mishika Sengupta, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
3rd Place                           Ana Wang, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
2nd Place                          Sonia Jackson, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
1st Place                           Xavier Alano, Drake

Grade 5
8th Place                           Meera Shyam, Doral Academy Reno
7th Place                           Brandon Lo, Hunsberger Elementary School
6th Place                           Anabel Silva, Coral Middle School
5th Place                           Thrushaswi Vangaveti, Poulakidas
4th Place                           Eric Xu, Gomm
3rd Place                           Adam Lei, Homeschool
2nd Place                          Leonard Heussen, Homeschool
1st Place                           Maylene Song, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School

Grade 6
5th Place                           Olivia Parker, Davidson Academy
4th Place                           Oren Grills, Homeschool
3rd Place                           Adrian Cheung, Davidson Academy
2nd Place                          Anders Wang, Davidson Academy
1st Place                           *Chelsea Lu, Hyde Park Middle School***

Grade 7
6th Place                           Andrew Park, Swope Middle School
5th Place                           Breanna Lo, Swope
4th Place                           Casey Fong, Davidson Academy
3rd Place                           Eva Strother, Swope Middle School
2nd Place                           Anastasia Heussen, Homeschool
1st Place                           Hansol Obrien, Davidson Academy

Grade 8
2nd Place                           Eric Shen, Swope Middle School
1st Place                            Anthony Wang, Davidson Academy

High School
8th Place                           Alexander Choi, Reno High School    
7th Place                           Kagan Uz, Reno High School
6th Place                           Aaron Lei, Davidson Academy
5th Place                           Darsh Patel, Davidson Academy        
4th Place                           Melody Song, Davidson Academy                             
3rd Place                           Ethan Chan, Davidson Academy        
2nd Place                           Nathaniel Potter, Davidson Academy
1st Place                           Kaison Fong, Davidson Academy

Level 1 Team Round      
3rd Place                           Andreanna Roscom, Hazel Mcspadden, Athenna Roscom,
3rd Place                           Alice Guo, Alessandra Munoz, Mannat Jhaj
2nd Place                           Xinyin Zhang, Holly Strother-Snow, Vivaan Vaishampayan

1st Place                            Ethan Rixom, Emma Xu, Gavin Roscom

Level 2 Team Round
2nd Place (Tie)                 Madison Trappe, Brandon Lo, Arush Agrawal
2nd Place (Tie)                  Xavier Alano, Kaile’a Jarrett, Maliyah Thomas
                                         Maylene Song, Ian Francis, Evan Shen, Clara Dietrich
1st Place                           Sonia Jackson, Ana Wang, Mishika Sengupta, Allen Park

Level 3 Team Round
3rd Place (Tie)                   Adrian Cheung, Olivia Parker, Anders Wang
                                         Breanna Lo, Eva Strother, Julia Dietrich
2nd Place                          Anastasia Heussen, Alicia Choi, Neha Kallu
1st Place                           Casey Fong, Hansol Obrien, Anthony Wang

Level 4 – Team Round
2nd Place                          Darsh Patel, Aaron Lei, Sumer Buttar, Ashwin Vaidyanathan
1st Place (Tie)                  Kaison Fong, Alexander Choi, Anthony Yun
                                         Melody Song, Ethan Chan, Kagan Uz, Matthew Telliano

CML Meet 2 Winners

4th Grade
4th Place (Tie)                  Allen Park, Caughlin Ranch
                                         Aditi Purkar, Doral Academy Reno     
                                         Sai Srihitha Kasireddy, Doral Academy Reno
3rd Place                           Xavier Alano, Drake
2nd Place (Tie)                 Sonia Jackson, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
                                         Mishika Sengupta, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School                             
1st Place                          Ana Wang, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School

5th Grade
2nd Place                           Maylene Song, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
1st Place                           Miles Newell, Caughlin Ranch

6th Grade
1st Place                           Anders Wang, Davidson Academy

7th Grade
1st Place                           Andrew Park, Swope

8th Grade
1st Place (Tie)                   Melody Song, Davidson Academy
                                         Anthony Wang, Davidson Academy

Math League Meet 1 Winners

3rd Place (Tie)                   Alexander Choi, Reno High School          
                                         Ruby Song,            Davidson Academy
                                         Alexander Park, Reno High
2nd Place (Tie)                  Kagan Uz, Reno High School
                                         Andy Xing, Davidson Academy
1st Place                           Ethan Chan, Davidson Academy

IMLEM – Meet 1 Winners

2nd Place (Tie)                 Alicia Choi, Clayton Middle School
                                         Anders Wang, Davidson Academy
                                         Ishaan Parashar, Herz Middle School

1st Place                           Anthony Wang, Davidson Academy

ASMA – Junior Division Meet 1 Winners

2nd Place (Tie)                 Vibhav Ganesan, Davidson Academy
                                         Ashwin Vaidyanathan, Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology
                                         Anders Wang, Davidson Academy

1st Place                           Anthony Wang, Davidson Academy

ASMA – Senior Division Meet 1 Winners

2nd Place (Tie)                 Alexander Choi, Reno High
                                         Anthony Yun, Reno High

1st Place                           Kagan Uz, Reno High

MathRocks! is a six-contest series for students in grades 1 through 12.  Each contest has 4 individual rounds that vary in length and problem types, with some problems being familiar, some that are familiar concepts but presented in a new way, and some that will expose them to new math ideas altogether.  Participants are then placed with 2-3 other students to participate in a team round where they can work together on challenging problems to help grow their ability to work within a team.  Contests are not about testing mastery but about improving understanding of foundational math while developing logic and problem-solving skills.

The next MathRocks! contest is on February 4, 2023.  The University of Nevada Reno’s College of Engineering hosts local students and there is an option for students to participate online if they live more than a one-hour drive away, are sick or in quarantine, or similar reasons.  Registration for guaranteed spots is open until 9am on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.  At that time, registrations will only be accepted as spots are available.  Registrations is $20 with a discount when registering more than 7 days in advance.

MathRocks! is sponsored by the Economic Development Association of Western Nevada (EDAWN).

If your child is not able to participate in any of our programs due to your current financial situation, please email regarding available financial assistance.


For more information:
Sherry Griffin, Executive Director, NNVMath
PRESS ONLY – cell: 77three-505-0994

For more information about MathRocks!:

Registration is online at:
For inquiries regarding financial assistance:

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